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Hooshof, Engineering and Projects, Copicat
Hooshof, Engineering and Projects
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Hooshof Engineering as a plant safety company is built and ran through highly corrective plant safety experience and personal involvement in plant safety equipment. The company is a commercial and industrial engineering service provider that has been created by a young black engineering professional.

The main objective for Hooshof Engineering is to ensure that South Africa's warehouses and factories meet their plant safety needs. This will be achieved through innovative and quality products that will brighten up your entire plant and yet offer you a safe working environment to your employees and plant equipment.

Hooshof Engineering has a dedicated installations team offering a professional service that will give you a hassle free job. Hooshof Engineering has a minimum on-site disruption policy to ensure the job gets done well and correct. Health and safety is our priority and we comply with all regulations requirements.

Hooshof Engineering offer products that reduce costs associated with the following:
  • Employee injuries
  • Machinery down-time
  • Insurance claims
  • Building repairs due to accident collisions
Our primary markets are the Mining, Petroleum, Power generation, telecommunications, railway and the water and forestry industries.

The company has under its portfolio a managing director who is fully responsible for each project that needs our attention. The company director's responsibility is to develop, direct and manage affairs of this business in line with the growth and strategy of Hooshof Engineering and projects.

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